This is personal for me as I watch my youngest daughter try to find new housing. She is a single mother with 5 children (yes the man left her to fend for herself) and was recently given a 90 day no cause eviction. Common now here in Portland Oregon and the surrounding 3 county area. Sadly with so many people that are lower income along with the middle income looking for rental houses in a very tight market, its beyond difficult. When the landlord can pick from hundreds of applicants, of course they will pick the one with the best income and credit score. Can’t blame them, but with no rent control or housing that is set aside for the lower income, its a daunting experience.-I watch my daughter cry as phone call after phone call is a n0-go and feel so helpless. I can help her with actual moving costs but have no way to come up with 2000 for a deposit and of course there are the application fees. Her current housing told her that they will take up to 31 days to return her 2000 deposit.

So the problem is how do we provide for those that live at min wage or just slightly higher? They need housing and housing close to where they work. This problem isn’t just here of course, and is a serious problem in many major cities. Do we need rent control or housing subsidized? In every major city there are thousands of foreclosed homes that sit empty. In one city they used eminent domain and took over the houses and rented them out as public housing or section 8 housing that did not demand huge deposits and good credit scores.

My daughter has a section 8 housing voucher for 1800, but she doesn’t have a good credit score and doesnt make, even with the voucher the 3 times the rent that many are asking for. People wonder why we have so many homeless and the cost of housing is a very good reason for many to become homeless.

I have no answers and of course we will continue the search but right now it seems hopeless and overwhelming.








  1. This is a nationwide problem that is primarily in larger cities. The only solution is to move out of the center parts of the city. Of course that will then require a car to reach the work place and shopping centers. Another alternative is multi generations living together. Can you put up with 5 grandchildren?

    1. I wish that was an option- I live over 30 miles from where she works. As it is she picks me up and I watch her kids while she works. I also live in a 2 bedroom mobile home. She is limited to county she lives in for her voucher and I live in another county. My youngest son already live with me- he’s 30 abd most of his friends also still live at home. She does in home care for the state and although over min wage it’s not exactly great wages. I am proud of her for the loving care she gives her clients enabling them to stay in their homes.

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