Just writing that heading almost made me vomit. In all my years I have never seen a president candidate like Trump. I always wondered how the good people of Germany allowed Hitler to come to power. Now I know all it takes is a group of ill-informed angry at the perceived system and they are ripe for a con artist like Trump.

Yes, I called him a con artist because he knows how to play people and get the results he wants. It’s no secret that he has publicly said how much he loves his undereducated and ill-informed followers. He plays on their fears of the ‘other’ like immigrants and muslims and the of course the poor. Sadly this kind of upswing in fascism is playing out around the world. People see that their lives are changing for the worse and instead of blaming the people in power who are doing this they fall for the likes of Donald Trump.

How do we stop it? Education and mass media that exposes the reality of Trump. We can not stand by idly and do nothing. The greatest evil of all is when good people stand by and do nothing. Vote this year like never before and show the world that sane Americans do not stand for the filth that trump represents.



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