Perhaps it should come as no surprise that a ‘reality star’ would use a tabloid style for his campaign. Of course he couldn’t have pulled this off without the complicit help of our corporate owned media. Last I read there was over 2 million dollars of free airtime to Trump, so far.

Whats sad is that  even the democrat campaign has shifted to a style more tabloid and splashy then a normal campaign season. Is it any wonder that the whole world is laughing at us and at the same time horrified?

I read where China is using the rise of trump and his trumpetts as a reason why democratic voting does not work. In essence they said that if american voters are so stupid as to vote for this man, then allowing open voting is a bad thing.

Foreign leaders are watching all of this and wondering if they can trust our country and if Trump were to be elected, they fear the consequences to the global community.

My question is- how do we stop this? How do we take back our political process and make it once more a normal give and take between the candidates running for office? I, myself think a good start would be to take all money out of campaigns and allow no contributions from anyone and be public funded. Also we need to re-instate the fairness doctrine and overturn the supreme court ruling which made it legal for political candidates to lie. We also need to break up the monopoly holding our media- 95% of all our media is owned by only 6 mega corporations. I always laugh when someone calls our mainstream media liberal or conservative because in reality our media is but a tool used by corporate interests to further their own interests.

I voted in our primary and hope everyone else also did. Of course I will vote in the election but am concerned at the many that will not be allowed in some states to vote. That’s why we need to make voting mandatory, gerrymandering illegal in all states and vote by mail like we do in our state. Vote, please people or we may end up with Trump and his trumpetts ruling our country .





  1. You have correctly put your finger on the downsides to free speech and the right of anyone to run for president. Wisely the authors of our constitution did put some safeguards into our selection process. Senators were to be appointed by the state legislatures and the president would be elected by electors rather than by the popular vote. Unfortunately the laws and the constitution were changed. Now the public votes for senators and the electors are required to honor the popular vote. The current situation could bring an end to the republic.

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