We are watching Trump and the party he represents, run a campaign based on fear and hatred of ‘others’. Whether its fear of illegal immigrants, legal immigrants,fear of other races, the poor and the elderly, disabled and of  course muslims- the end result is the same. Working up the ill informed masses to get their vote, while those same masses seem to be so lowly educated that they are incapable of telling the falsehoods from truth. This phenomenon isn’t confined to our country- look at brexit in the UK-the exact same kind of campaign based on fear and hatred won- the right wing extremists are globally flexing their muscles and sadly there are many following them.

I always wondered growing up how did germany fall victim to hitler  Italy for Mussolini and russia with Stalin  now i am watching this happen here. If you know your history then you know that unless we act as a society and come out against the politics of fear and hatred, then it will lead to world wars, depressions and loss of life and possibly the end of our known civilization. That means not being quiet and voting and actually standing up for what is right. Don’t let fear win- how does that saying go- the only thing we have to fear is fear itself

I think that there are enough sane adults in our country that we will vote down the calls to base our politics on fear and have the capability of turning our country back into one governed for the people by the people. We do that by electing people who actually know how the government works, wants to work for the government and who believe the needs of the people far outweigh the needs of private business. Be engaged in the process and if you want- do like I have and join the  Sanders political revolution for change movement.

Peace and hope all are able to stay cool and dry depending on where you are in the world.



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