Riding amtrak

Most people don’t realize what a nice travel plans it is to ride the train..Nice comfortable seats with ample room even for the full figured body and easy to get to the toilet services ((or we older women, that’s quite important -lol) Want a snack or drinks, the on board bistro has quite a good selection – i chose a sage turkey sandwich with spinach on sun dried tomato sourdough bread and for my sweet tooth, am having a molasses cookie. very reasonable at 10 dollars. There is a full selection of beers including microbrewery and liquor. I chose to bring my own water and iced tea- there are no longer security lines and unlike flying you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. 

We follow the river for awhile and then the sound on the way to Everett and nothing beats fall in the northwest with the colorful trees and today and nice sunny day makes it even better. 

What is sad is that in our country our infrastructure has not kept up with the rest of the world which means we have no fast service as in other countries. For myself, i enjoy the laid back ride and it only takes 5 hours from Portland to Everett Washington. 

Looking forward to visiting family and arriving stress free – 

Wishing everyone a good day and hopeful that all will vote this year.


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