Only 5 times before in our history has there been a winner of the popular vote by millions and counting and yet not won the electoral vote. 3 times in the 1800s and with gore in 2000 and now with Clinton. We also had a very low turnout with just a few percentage points higher than in 2014. So now we have trump and all his entourage going to occupy the Whitehouse. Of course Trump now says that he doesn’t really plan to live in the white house but rather just sleep there when he is in town and instead consider his trump towers apt home and his golf course resorts to unwind at.

What has our country done and how do we mitigate the coming chaos that this man will bring with him? How do we stop this from happening again? How do we get people out to vote? We vote by mail in my state and had fairly good turnout and of course stayed democrat. Perhaps we need to find out why people don’t vote and work on eliminating am archaic electoral college that gives more electoral votes to rural america than it does to large populated areas? Perhaps its finally time to address the corruption that unlimited money brings to campaigns. Perhaps most of all its time for all people to become engaged in our countries government.

For myself, I will wear a safety pin and keep involved in all the issues and cry a little for the missed opportunities for our country.

Peace everyone






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