So far this week we have seem Trump backtrack on some of the rhetoric used to con his followers but I find it quite interesting that he also did this:

Trump and his family don’t really want to move into the white house but rather as trump said, he would be like one of the members of congress where he goes home on the weekends because he really needs the comfort of his own home and of course he would want to be able to go to stay at either of his east coast golf resorts so he can ‘unwind’

He will not accept a salary and yet why should he as two of the children tasked with running the family business, will work for him?

He promised drain the swamp he just forgot to mention that he would pick even worse swamp creatures it will be a constant soap opera theater.

He plans to continue his ‘rallies’ as he loves the passion of his followers.

So there you have it- president reality star is going to bring you the best ever reality show- the biggest and everyone will love it.




  1. You may have put your finger on the Trump presidency. He will hold rallies where he is the star. The government will be administered by the Vice President, his Chief-of-Staff and the others he appoints. In other words less government and more freedom for everyone might be his philosophy.

    If you watched “60 Minutes” last night, November 13, he has said he will be immediately deporting up to 3 million illegal aliens who are criminals. I do not know how he came up with 2 to 3 million people here illegally that are also criminals. Who will determine that they are criminals?

    I fear for the minorities in this country.

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