Anyone who knows history and is aware of worldwide events and governments is afraid. We don’t live in a vacuum and what happens here effects the world and what happens elsewhere effects us.

This rise of dictators and fascist right wing movements coupled with the election of trump and a very right wing extreme Republican congress spells disaster.

It’s easy to see why this happens as anytime the inequality of wealth reaches the extremes we see now here and worldwide leaves many people easily led and swayed by men like trump. It’s an old story that just keeps repeating. For example the French Revolution and then about 80 years later the stock market crash and depression led to the rise of Hitler and fascism leading to worldwide war. The cycle goes back over and over about every 80 years. 

This time it appears that our country will be the one to start a fascist government and unless we stand up against it then yes we could see a repeat of a hitler style rise, Do I think it’s trump who will be a hitler repeat – not sure about that- he has slipped many times and said his’reign’ but I think instead he will lead us into a depression and possible civil war leading to world War. 

Well it’s time for bed and hoping I am very wrong. Peace and never forget that the greatest evil of all is done by good people who stand by and do nothing to stop evil


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