I am sure that governor McCrory thought his voter purges and gerrymandering of the districts would ensure he won the race for governor. It didn’t and he lost but as of this posting he is now contesting the result and his republican held state is bending over backwards to assist him in keeping his seat.

What do we as citizens do when our vote doesn’t count and its plain to see that those in charge will refuse to listen to us? Look at our presidential race where the clear winner at 2 million votes and still counting of the popular vote was Hillary Clinton and yet Trump won the electoral college  vote. Again’ we the peoples voice’ has been silenced.

If this was another country then we would all be upset and our government trying to force them to have fair and open voting as that is how a real democracy is supposed to go. Yes, I know we are a republic but its a democratic republic with the peoples voice to be the true government you know – we the people come together –

I wish I had some intelligent answer on how to fix this, but I don’t. Never did I think our country could sink so low and now that it has- how do we correct this? Hopefully someone smarter than me will have the answer. Until that happens are we looking at the demise of our democracy?


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