With our very first paycheck we have medicare and SS taken out thus making these two programs one that we pay into and not an entitlement that the government can just take away or privatize.  Yet the president elect has appointed Price to the position that would have the ability to destroy our healthcare options including Medicare.

I wonder if all those elderly people who voted for trump actually realized what they were doing. Yet it appears that the trump cult followers still are in awe of the ‘idol’ they helped elect. Do you think that awe will still be there when they see the actions of a republican held congress (actually the house has been held since 2010 and the senate since 2014} with a republican president who is creating a cabinet of the most rabid right wing people?

Ryan has for years wanted to privatize medicare – we would still pay for it but get much inferior care and cost way more. Good for the richest but not so good for the majority of us. Of course now they say that they will just eliminate the ACA and possibly replace it down the line. So now along with making medicaid a block grant to the states and repealing without replacing the ACA, they now want to eliminate medicare as we now know it.

Elections have consequences and its sad that those who voted for trump and those who refused to even vote are now going to be rather surprised at what they voted or didn’t vote for to happen.

Of course actually the people chose Clinton with a 2.5 million votes more than Trump-our antiquated electoral college was won by trump- but that’s a subject for another blog.

Peace and stay involved please


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