There have been now 5 times that the popular voted candidate lost the electoral college vote, but never has the popular vote been this much of a discrepancy. The closest would have been gore who won almost a million more popular votes than bush but still lost the electoral college vote.

It has effectively silenced our voice and given a louder vote to those states that are given more electoral votes than other states. This is an atrocity and needs to be fixed before it happens again. Just like with bush Jr , the people voted for the best candidate and our country suffered for the choice of the electoral college vote win.

Somehow I think that this time will be even worse for our country judging by the cabinet that trump is creating. There are several retired generals being put into positions of power and that is not a good thing. There is a reason why the military is not part of the civilian government because in too many cases that leads to military takeovers of government..I and not saying that will happen but hey- I never thought that there would ever be a man like Trump elected as president, so anything is possible.

I think its time for the peoples voice to count and to eliminate the archaic electoral college and let popular vote  decided the race. That way everyone’s voice is equal- one voice equals one vote. We no longer have slave states with few voters or remote states with few voters and that is just one more reason to eliminate the electoral college. Hopefully by next vote that will be changed.

Peace everyone



  1. The electoral college is defined in the constitution. The only way that can be changed is through an amendment. That is very difficult to accomplish. Thus there are only 27. The GOP is unlikely to support an amendment that would probably reduce their chances of winning the presidency.

    I too do not like the idea of three retired generals in the presidential cabinet. The Republican congress will have to stand up to Trump to deny his choices. That is also an unlikely event.

    Many people are horrified by the Trump election including me. The results of this November election tells me more about American citizens population than anything else. Unfortunately bigotry prevails.

    I have no solutions.

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