What happens when a foreign country tries to influence our election and the president elect laughs it off and says that he is smarter than our CIA or other intelligence gathering officials? There is clear evidence that russia played a role in our elections and also clear evidence of the close ties that trump and his ‘cabinet’ have to russia.  Yet the trump cult followers back trump and claim that it’s all liberal lies because Clinton lost. One commenter today on a site i visited claimed that russia is a such a good country and we should all be happy to be ‘friends’ with them. When i commented that the intentions of a dictatorship is not a friendly country i was called an ignorant child and after all it was clinton that was bad and only trump can save our country.

His pick for sec of state is the ceo of Exxon oil and also has investments with russia on oil projects. We are watching the sale of our country to the highest bidder and the trump cult followers are cheering it on.

There are days when I feel like we went down the rabbit hole into Alice in wonderland or an episode of twilight zone. Of course having a reality star run his campaign like a reality show just makes it even more surreal.

How did we get here? Is it the failing of our education coupled with a media that is nothing but propaganda for corporate interests? Is there anything we can do as citizens to mitigate the coming chaos?

So i am back to my original question what happens when the president elect says he is so smart that he doesn’t have to listen to our countries intelligence gathering operatives?



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