For years I have sounded the alarm that we were becoming a fascist held government, but I truly hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t and in fact it appears to be speeding up and those in power are not even trying to hide it.

I believe that the reason they don’t try to hide it is because they count on faux news to placate their followers to keep them in line. We have never ever seen an election cycle that this last election was. Never have we seen our government be in collusion with a foreign power to elect a president and at the same time have a controlling power in congress actually cheer it on and refuse to even really investigate the ongoing scandal of russia and the trump administration. Just today the head of the intelligence committee said that there was no concern at the interference of russia and that instead we should be happy for their interferrence and we should be ‘friends’ with a government ruled by a ruthless dictator.

So, now the question is- what do we do now? How do we combat this and be successful? The republican party that controls not only our congress and president but also a majority of the states are downright giddy at the prospect of selling our government and country to the highest bidder and to be able to strip all money and services from the masses while they allow corporations to rape and pillage our country for their own gain.

It is theorized that it only takes 3.5% of a country’s population to effectively take down a dictator or a fascist held government like ours is. We are seeing nationwide protests but at the same time multiple states are working to make it illegal to protest. Our media is 95% owned by only 5 major media corporations and they are not in favor of the people but instead all about what is good for the wealthy few and large corporations which means that they will use propaganda and faux news to keep the people in line.

I live on the west coast so we don’t see the active destruction caused by republicans in their states but what happens in the federal government does affect us. How long till they are successful in silencing any truthful media and criminalize all protests? For myself I will continue to resist and continue to join with like-minded people to continue sounding the alarm. Hitler gained complete power within 5 months and in only less than 2 months look at what has already transpired under trump and our republican held congress.

We can’t give up or allow our voice to be silenced and we must keep trying to educate those that are in a bubble of faux news and propaganda and continue to resist.




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