In the future historians will look back on this time much like the time of Hitler. Am I saying that trump is Hitler- no but this is a time much like then with the possibility of wars and global depression caused by a man that should never been allowed to be president. I think it says it best that when Merkel from Germany met with Trump, the media described Merkel as the head of free countries and not our idiot of a president.

Its not just our country that is going down a dark path as it started with Bruit in the UK and with the rise of right wing populists like LePen in France and the rise of ruthless dictators like Putin in Russia and Turkey and Egypt to name a few. The election in the Philippines of an idiot much like Trump also adds to the instability of our world.

The use of fear and racist feelings to govern is not new and it has been seen in the past and it never ends well.

Sometimes I just want to bury my head in my covers and ignore what is happening but of course that won’t help. Its important to resist what is happening and to use the advantages of social media and the internet which enables me to write this blog and to educate others of the coming perils of the age of Trump.

We can not be silent and we can not just sit idly by and think everything will be okay because its not okay and its only going to get worse. We can learn from history and not make the same mistakes hopefully.

Resist and join the different resistance groups available. I blog on some other sites and have joined several Facebook resistance groups. I love reading and researching so use the internet often.



2 thoughts on “THE AGE OF TRUMP

  1. This is not a time like Nazi Germany. Nor is the United States in a place similar to dictator like characters leading other nations today. The reason is that today’s America has a large outspoken population that will not tolerate the destruction of this country. There are hundreds of blogs, Facebook pages, and other media outlets that are more than words. Public demonstrations tell me that millions of people will not permit Donald Trump or other would-be authoritarians to destroy the nation that so many have bravely fought to protect both in real wars and in the courts.

  2. Yet the Republican held congress us busy with bills to criminalize protesting- of course Trump is not Hitler but having a congress that refuses to listen to the will of the people is a very big problem.

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