If like myself you have been following what is happening in the world, then you are probably as frightened as I am. With an idiot in charge of the country who uses twitter as his foreign policy and dictators like those in N.Korea and Russia then you have the start of WW3. Russia has moved artillery and misiles to the border of N.Korea and
china has also moved ships in behind the American ships and of course we have the lunatic in N. Korea who is quite eager to start a war and of course the
idiot in charge of our country is quite happy to also start a war.
Then we have faux news ready to sound the drums of war. At the same time in Turkey they are voting to give their own dictator more powers and of course their is the philliphines with their own elected idiot.

Will it come to war- I so hope not, but looking at history and watching what is happening all over the world, then the stage is certainly being set for a world war and if that happens then it has the possibility to end our civilization as the nuclear weapons will surely be used and/or EMP strikes which would shut down our whole grid including our internet and cell phones- basicly sending us back in time.

If we had a normal president and a normal congress then there would not be a chance of this happening, but nothing is normal in our country or the world.

What can we the people do about this- not really sure but we do need to be informed and prepared. Best solution would be for this whole administration and those in congress who are in collusion with the treasonous actions to be removed from office and hold a new election. Of course that would be a normal outcome and there is nothing normal about our government or for that fact our country with the trump cult followers ready to follow their ‘lord’ no matter what and a corporate owned media who salivates at the prospect of war-

I do believe though that there is still time to stop this- anyway I hope so. I have 13 grandchildren who I want to have a future and one that does not include wars.


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One thought on “THE DRUMS OF WAR

  1. Look at the leaders of the United States, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and Turkey and you see people who dream of absolute power. In Russia, Iran, and North Korea they are lead by dictators who hold absolute power now. Too full of themselves, they appear to want even more power over their surroundings. We now have a recipe for WW3. Kim Jong-Un appears to want to have a war with the United States. China appears to be the coolest country in this situation but their ability to control North Korea is in doubt. If a war does break out it will be the people of East Asia who will pay the price of war. I pray that the leaders of America have the wisdom to cool the rising temperatures.

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