Trumps first foreign trip has been one embarrassing incident after another. His speech in Saudi Arabia with his fighting Islam and then his ‘got back from the middle east’ in Israel were at the start. His picture next to the pope where he is the only one smiling was sad but his actions in Brussel have turned out to be the worst.

He is filmed elbowing his way to the front for a picture and then his speech where the other members are rolling their eyes and laughing at his obvious  lack of knowledge at how NATO works was bad enough but then he called Germany very evil because they sell their cars in our country and he says he will put a stop to that.

Yes this man is our president and unless something changes soon, we will have no allies and be in trade wars with most countries. This will not be good for our country but in reality there is nothing about the most corrupt administration that money can buy is good for our country.




306644_443491079017738_2087986905_n_thumb.jpgIn our country poverty has become a death sentence just like any 3rd world country. Sure, no one takes you out and actually murders you as it is more a slow ongoing process. If there was any question about this then the latest healthcare insurance fiasco that passed in the house should clear any doubts up. Our greatest enemy in our country is not a terrorist or even a crazed mentally ill person but instead our government in particular the republican party but the democrats have a share in what has and is being done.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and at the same time our corporations are posting highest ever profits and its been reported that at least 2 trillion dollars are offshored by the richest corporations. Billions is allocated for defense and yet the lower levels of the military qualify for food stamps and veterans are homeless on the streets and the recent bill put forth would have the military being charged for the GI bill. Healthcare for the poor- education for our children- needed employees for the government agencies that are to ensure our food, medicines and environment are all being gutted and in some places eliminated and yet we are the worlds wealthiest country. In fact 50 of the worlds wealthiest 85 people live in our country.
Our life expectancy was downgraded again this year as were maternal and infant deaths.

The only way this will change is when the 99% of Americans realize that its not only okay but necessary for our lives to once more tax the corporations and the wealthiest few as they were in the 50s and 60s. Will that happen? I am not sure that it will since we have some very brainwashed people in our country that actually believe that corporations and richest few shouldn’t be required to pay progressive high end taxation.

Like any other 3rd world country , poverty is a death sentence carried out by the government owned by the rich. We have the power to change this……