Trumps first foreign trip has been one embarrassing incident after another. His speech in Saudi Arabia with his fighting Islam and then his ‘got back from the middle east’ in Israel were at the start. His picture next to the pope where he is the only one smiling was sad but his actions in Brussel have turned out to be the worst.

He is filmed elbowing his way to the front for a picture and then his speech where the other members are rolling their eyes and laughing at his obvious  lack of knowledge at how NATO works was bad enough but then he called Germany very evil because they sell their cars in our country and he says he will put a stop to that.

Yes this man is our president and unless something changes soon, we will have no allies and be in trade wars with most countries. This will not be good for our country but in reality there is nothing about the most corrupt administration that money can buy is good for our country.




  1. The shocker is that Trump did not explicitly endorse the mutual-aid clause of the North Atlantic Treaty at the NATO summit on Thursday despite previous indications that he was planning to do so, keeping in place the cloud of ambiguity hanging over the relationship between the United States and the alliance. This could send a message to Russia that the USA will not stand with nations that are invaded by Russia. That ends the alliance and could be an invitation to Russia to retake the countries that were part of communist eastern bloc that Russia controlled from the end of WW2 to the collapse of the USSR. Western Europe will feel threatened too. Is the Trump “America first” policy that he espoused during the presidential campaign? The world is in serious trouble thanks to a mad man in the White House.

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