I don’t know about anyone else but the daily ‘show’ from Trump and his administration and his daily twitter feed are exhausting to keep up with. Its tempting to just turn it all off and ignore it but then run the risk of not knowing what is going on. Never in all my life have I seen a president and his ‘minions’ act like this and as my grandchildren tell me- I am very old lol.

Every day its some new crisis and this time he is going down and everyone has ties to Russia but nothing ever happens. Personally I think this presidents administration is the most corrupt one ever seen in our modern history and the best that money can buy.

Of course the republicans in congress love this because it takes attention off of them while they quietly destroy our government for their own profit. They have quietly rolled back all regulations that are in place for our environment and banking and safety employee protections all under the claim that its to save us. The new healthcare bill is being written in secret with no input from majority of republicans and nothing from democrats.

So yes, its exhausting and depressing to watch this play out day after day. In less than 6 months this administration is destroying our country and counting on the majority of us to just give up and stop paying attention and that is what we can not do.






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