Yesterday a disturbed young man rented a truck and ran down people walking on a pathway and killed several and injured several more. At least 4 that are dead were from other countries who were here to visit.

Of course our president is using this as an excuse to limit immigration and continue his agenda that all muslims are evil and we should limit all immigration. The man immigrated here in 2010 and became a legal citizen which then means he become radicalized once he was here and not before he immigrated here. He came from a country in south asia which was once part of Russia and is not one of the countries on trumps muslim banned countries but that didn’t stop him from saying this was why we need his stupid muslim ban.

The reality is that trumps hateful rhetoric is a big factor in radicalizing people like the man that used his truck as a weapon and even more hate filled rhetoric only plays in making more radical minded people.

Interesting to note that when the man in Las Vegas shot and murdered over 50 and injured 500 the white house response was it’s not proper to politicize this and gun regulations are not needed.

There are no easy solutions to end the threat of terrorism but one factor would help and that it is to stop the rhetoric of hatred – which isn’t going to happen as long as trump and his minions are in control.


One thought on “NEW YORK ATTACK

  1. My wife and I returned from a trip to NYC on October 1. One of the things that caught my eye were the number of barriers that were along the streets along 34th street and the surrounding area as well as Times Square and Rockefeller Center. All of those areas are significant tourist destinations. Unfortunately there is not enough money to install barriers everywhere.

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