In our country you are not safe even in church. A white man with a gun entered a church in texas and opened fire killing over 20 and injuring more. Already the chorus of our prayers are with you are sent from the president and lawmakers, as if that will do any good

An immigrant runs down people in NYC and all immigrants are to be stopped and the man is an animal and should get the death sentence but a white man with a gun then its just prayers. In fact the texas attorney general went on fox news and said this can all be prevented if people just carry a gun when going to church. The insanity runs deep in our government officials.

How many must die before something is done? Must we all live our lives in fear that our children will be murdered at school, that going to church can mean getting killed and no place is safe no matter where you go? Not sure about anyone else but this is not the way I want to live and my heart is as broken as our country appears to be.

Nothing of course will be done and it will be only days before another mass shooting.


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