Hi everyone and hope you had a good thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I am blessed and spent yesterday with my 2 oldest daughters and 7 of my grandchildren. As we ate dinner I couldn’t help but think of the millions in our country that not only didn’t have a bountiful spread of food but no home to spend the day in.

We live in the worlds wealthiest country and yet like any 3rd world country we have millions that are homeless and hungry and without access to medical care. How did this happen? The tax scam now going through congress is an example of how this happened and it started with Reagan and his the government is bad and rich people need more money and has only escalated through the decades until now.

If we want a country that values its most valuable resource (we the people) then we have to start with remembering that we the people are the government and we created the government to ensure that we the people and our country all have what we need to continue to be a country. We need to remember that the richest few and largest corporations only exist because of we the people and our countries infrastructure and natural resources. We need to recognize that when millions are homeless, hungry and ill and when our infrastructure is crumbling and our natural resources destroyed then our country will not continue. So get out there and be an activist for our country and for yourself and your family and most important-vote.

When people ask me what i would eliminate in our world, my answer is always to rid our world of greed.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope that you will be the activist needed to save our country for the generations to come.


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