Another school shooting, this time in florida leaving 17 dead. Of course we hear the ‘mandatory’ prayers and thoughts for the victims but when asked about needed regulations on guns- its the normal – it’s not the right time to discuss this problem.

When will it be time? How many must die before our country decides that the lives of our children are more important than the ‘right’ to own a gun? 4 school shootings since the beginning of the year and its only been 6 weeks.

My heart is broken for the parents and friends and for the families of the teachers that gave their lives to protect their students. I don’t want to hear that teachers should have guns or that gun regulations won’t prevent these tragedies as no other developed country has this happen. In fact for the countries that experienced only one incident of senseless mass shootings there were strict gun buy backs and regulations as to who can even have a gun much less a gun such as was used in florida.

Personally I think it should be harder to buy and use a gun than to drive a car. In florida its easier to buy a gun than vote….

I have no answers because in my mind there shouldn’t even have to be a discussion but instead we have those in congress that say time after time- we send our prayers and thoughts and its not the right time to talk about regulating guns.





One thought on “IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN?

  1. It will take a new voice to motivate the congress. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors are using social media to rally the youth. They will be the motivators. Despite their voices the NRA is a powerful group that has successfully blocked most efforts to control the availability of guns. I see no stopping the killing as long as so many people love guns more than people.

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