I was wondering the other day just how history will portray this time in history. Then my next thought was if there would be a country to portray as every single day seems to bring us closer to the destruction of our country.

There was another school shooting yesterday with one dead and two severely injured and the presidents reaction was to have a convening of video execs to discus the violence in video games and of course congress sent the obligatory thoughts and prayers. Talk about the real problem of too many guns with too few regulations- no.

Then there is the starting of a trade war started by Trump and the uncertainty that will bring. Of course all the allies and china and Russia are ready to retaliate and yet that seems to not matter to trump or his cult followers

The damage done to every single part of our government by the corrupt unqualified people put in charge of them may not be possible to undue. So, then it brings back the question- what will history.



One thought on “WHAT WILL HISTORY SAY?

  1. While I agree with your posting you need to realize the one overwhelming reason Trump won the presidency. JOBS! Trump promised to bring them back. Large numbers of voters may not like Trump’s behavior or his support of the NRA but jobs is their priority. 313,000 new jobs were created in February. We have not seen a number like that in at least 10 years. Basically Trump has turned both political parties on their heads.

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