That’s right, they lost over 1400 children who were taken from their parents at the border.  Making it even worse is the fact that they also say some were sold into human trafficking. How do they know this?

What kind of country do we now live in? The people coming across the border are trying for refugee status or amnesty or just a chance at a life and what does our country do? They take the children and put them in ‘holding cells’ and then give them to sponsors and then they lose them. How can anyone be okay with this?

Of course I have signed the petitions that are there and will be calling my senators and reps in congress, but will that help find these children? My heart breaks for the families and the children and my heart breaks that its my government doing this. Never did I ever think something like this would happen in our country.

Please join me in contacting those in congress and also contact the UN for investigations into this matter. Most of all, don’t be silent and don’t be complicit by your apathy.



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