When I first started researching the crisis in Japan, I really didn’t think that it would be as bad as it is. Living in the NW and seeing that the prevailing winds if the reactor should burn would bring it straight for us, is a little nerve wracking. Somehow, its almost worse now that more attention is being paid to it, and some famous stars are also involving themselves, makes it so much more real and then just a little bit more fearful.

Decided to look at the Chernobyl meltdown in 1985 and was divested by the scope of tragedy and the mutations and birth defects of the children were so heartbreaking. The people that were killed trying to stop it and then to read that it isn’t a permanent fix and is instead in danger of further radiation leaks or burning, and could affect Europe if it did, is mind boggling. 

What I am finding really worthy of fear, is how soon some of the postings disappear and links will be missing part of the article or the pictures will be blocked out. The media blackout coupled with the internet censorship is really frightening. The big question is what to do, if something does happen in Japan, and they say we have 9 days to evacuate and that we would have to go to the southern hemisphere, how does that work, and how would we get there, and the biggest question of all, would they even let us know?

The reason I fear the media and the government to not let us know, is an article I read with a portion of the NSA bill on how to keep the public from panic in case of radiation poisoning. It listed all the ways it would involve the media in the case of poisoning and in all probability not tell the people at all. Of course, they didn’t tell us how bad the plumes were that came out of japan in April of 2011, and lately they have been raising the levels of radiation that are ok.

Hopefully, the international community will get involved and the reactor will be taken care of before it has the capability of destroying life as we now know it.

What I will never understand is how come anyone ever thought it would be ok to use an energy source with a waste by product that has the possibility in case of accident or natural disaster to destroy all life on our planet. Even if not all life, the fact that spent fuel has to be stored safely for tens of thousands of years, what ever made that ok?

I can only hope and pray that somehow this disaster is solved and our people safe and please that my grandchildren will still have an earth that will sustain human life.

Peace and please all that read this, pass it on and pray with me that this disaster is solved and that it is a successful end to this crisis.