I am sure that governor McCrory thought his voter purges and gerrymandering of the districts would ensure he won the race for governor. It didn’t and he lost but as of this posting he is now contesting the result and his republican held state is bending over backwards to assist him in keeping his seat.

What do we as citizens do when our vote doesn’t count and its plain to see that those in charge will refuse to listen to us? Look at our presidential race where the clear winner at 2 million votes and still counting of the popular vote was Hillary Clinton and yet Trump won the electoral college  vote. Again’ we the peoples voice’ has been silenced.

If this was another country then we would all be upset and our government trying to force them to have fair and open voting as that is how a real democracy is supposed to go. Yes, I know we are a republic but its a democratic republic with the peoples voice to be the true government you know – we the people come together –

I wish I had some intelligent answer on how to fix this, but I don’t. Never did I think our country could sink so low and now that it has- how do we correct this? Hopefully someone smarter than me will have the answer. Until that happens are we looking at the demise of our democracy?


We used to have something called the fairness doctrine –

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced.

Fairness Doctrine – Wikipedia

It was abolished under Reagan
Under the Reagan administration, the FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine (in 1987), doing away with a policy — put in place in 1949 — that required broadcasters to cover controversial issues of public importance and offer contrasting viewpoints on those issue
The equal time, or more accurately, the equal opportunity provision of the Communications Act requires radio and television stations and cable systems which originate their own programming to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time.
The law against using propaganda on american citizens was eliminated in 2013.  And then the supreme court ruled it legal for politicians to lie-
, “The truth or falsity of political speech should be judged by voters, not government bureaucrats” became the law concerning if you can sue a politician for lying during a campaign… other words, the courts are not going to make a decision of rather or not a politician lied during a campaign. If you think the politician is lying to you, then don’t vote for him or her
Then there is the court case in Florida where the courts ruled that it was legal for fox news to fire two reporters who refused to lieIn February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting … FOX appealed the case, and on February 14, 2003the Florida Second District Court of …
 now we have Facebook and google saying that they will try to curtail fake news sites-
This is the reason why we do not have actual news in our country and also 95% of our media is owned by only 6 mega media corporate giants and that means all media and not just news.
Perhaps we need to ask why we accept this? Peace everyone-


Anyone who knows history and is aware of worldwide events and governments is afraid. We don’t live in a vacuum and what happens here effects the world and what happens elsewhere effects us.

This rise of dictators and fascist right wing movements coupled with the election of trump and a very right wing extreme Republican congress spells disaster.

It’s easy to see why this happens as anytime the inequality of wealth reaches the extremes we see now here and worldwide leaves many people easily led and swayed by men like trump. It’s an old story that just keeps repeating. For example the French Revolution and then about 80 years later the stock market crash and depression led to the rise of Hitler and fascism leading to worldwide war. The cycle goes back over and over about every 80 years. 

This time it appears that our country will be the one to start a fascist government and unless we stand up against it then yes we could see a repeat of a hitler style rise, Do I think it’s trump who will be a hitler repeat – not sure about that- he has slipped many times and said his’reign’ but I think instead he will lead us into a depression and possible civil war leading to world War. 

Well it’s time for bed and hoping I am very wrong. Peace and never forget that the greatest evil of all is done by good people who stand by and do nothing to stop evil


So far this week we have seem Trump backtrack on some of the rhetoric used to con his followers but I find it quite interesting that he also did this:

Trump and his family don’t really want to move into the white house but rather as trump said, he would be like one of the members of congress where he goes home on the weekends because he really needs the comfort of his own home and of course he would want to be able to go to stay at either of his east coast golf resorts so he can ‘unwind’

He will not accept a salary and yet why should he as two of the children tasked with running the family business, will work for him?

He promised drain the swamp he just forgot to mention that he would pick even worse swamp creatures it will be a constant soap opera theater.

He plans to continue his ‘rallies’ as he loves the passion of his followers.

So there you have it- president reality star is going to bring you the best ever reality show- the biggest and everyone will love it.



Only 5 times before in our history has there been a winner of the popular vote by millions and counting and yet not won the electoral vote. 3 times in the 1800s and with gore in 2000 and now with Clinton. We also had a very low turnout with just a few percentage points higher than in 2014. So now we have trump and all his entourage going to occupy the Whitehouse. Of course Trump now says that he doesn’t really plan to live in the white house but rather just sleep there when he is in town and instead consider his trump towers apt home and his golf course resorts to unwind at.

What has our country done and how do we mitigate the coming chaos that this man will bring with him? How do we stop this from happening again? How do we get people out to vote? We vote by mail in my state and had fairly good turnout and of course stayed democrat. Perhaps we need to find out why people don’t vote and work on eliminating am archaic electoral college that gives more electoral votes to rural america than it does to large populated areas? Perhaps its finally time to address the corruption that unlimited money brings to campaigns. Perhaps most of all its time for all people to become engaged in our countries government.

For myself, I will wear a safety pin and keep involved in all the issues and cry a little for the missed opportunities for our country.

Peace everyone






Is it just me or has this been the longest ever campaign season? Overwhelming relief that after today its finally over. Hopewfully we welcome our first woman president in this misogynist country we live in and usher in a new path for our country to travel. Of course I also thought the same when we voted into office our first non white president and we all know how that has turned out

The republican party is already threating impeachment for any made up reason they can concoct and stating that they will confirm no supreme court justices. Seems that a woman offends them just as much as a non white man does.

In a perfect world these idiots would be voted out of office for their 8 year refusal to do their job and thier intention to continue to not do their job, but we don’t live in a perfect world and all those that would vote for trump will also continue to vote for the tea party fools called Republicans.

One can only hope that sanity instead of hatred and fear of ‘others’ will prevail and we will wake up tomorrow to find a democrat majority with our first madame president and watch our country go forward into the future.

We vote by mail in my state so i turned my ballot in on last tuesday. Hopefully everyone is able to vote.