If the flooding in Houston and surrounding areas tell us anything, its that regulations are not only needed but important to have. Most of the newer subdivisions should never been allowed to happen as they sit at or below sea level and on known flood plains.

The chemical factory that today blew up as expected because of lack of ability to keep the needed cooling on should never been placed in a flood zone and NEVER allowed in a residential area.

Texas is known for its lack of regulations and they are now paying the price for that lack. It may take years to get the area back up and running and yet there are no regulations to prevent housing and factories being built up in the exact same places.

Those regulations are needed to keep people safe and at the same time prevent costly problems of rebuilding to a minimum. The storm couldn’t have been prevented but the loss of lives and costly rebuilding could have been avoided if only they had regulations in place.



I don’t know about anyone else but the daily ‘show’ from Trump and his administration and his daily twitter feed are exhausting to keep up with. Its tempting to just turn it all off and ignore it but then run the risk of not knowing what is going on. Never in all my life have I seen a president and his ‘minions’ act like this and as my grandchildren tell me- I am very old lol.

Every day its some new crisis and this time he is going down and everyone has ties to Russia but nothing ever happens. Personally I think this presidents administration is the most corrupt one ever seen in our modern history and the best that money can buy.

Of course the republicans in congress love this because it takes attention off of them while they quietly destroy our government for their own profit. They have quietly rolled back all regulations that are in place for our environment and banking and safety employee protections all under the claim that its to save us. The new healthcare bill is being written in secret with no input from majority of republicans and nothing from democrats.

So yes, its exhausting and depressing to watch this play out day after day. In less than 6 months this administration is destroying our country and counting on the majority of us to just give up and stop paying attention and that is what we can not do.






When the president declared he was getting out of the Paris agreement it was like a knife in our future not only as a country but as human survival. What is sad is that we already passed the tipping point and this is only a way to slow it down and prepare to deal with the consequences of humanities abuse of our earth- our home.

It no longer matters what you want to call it or who to blame but instead finding a way to slow down the coming changes and somehow find a way to survive what is coming. Instead our present administration is concerned only with finding a way for their crony corporations to profit off of the fossil fuels and dangerous chemicals and bottom line it is all about money.

So yes, it feels as if we are watching a slow march into a future where we humans will have  caused our own demise and all to satisfy the greed of a few.



Trumps first foreign trip has been one embarrassing incident after another. His speech in Saudi Arabia with his fighting Islam and then his ‘got back from the middle east’ in Israel were at the start. His picture next to the pope where he is the only one smiling was sad but his actions in Brussel have turned out to be the worst.

He is filmed elbowing his way to the front for a picture and then his speech where the other members are rolling their eyes and laughing at his obvious  lack of knowledge at how NATO works was bad enough but then he called Germany very evil because they sell their cars in our country and he says he will put a stop to that.

Yes this man is our president and unless something changes soon, we will have no allies and be in trade wars with most countries. This will not be good for our country but in reality there is nothing about the most corrupt administration that money can buy is good for our country.



306644_443491079017738_2087986905_n_thumb.jpgIn our country poverty has become a death sentence just like any 3rd world country. Sure, no one takes you out and actually murders you as it is more a slow ongoing process. If there was any question about this then the latest healthcare insurance fiasco that passed in the house should clear any doubts up. Our greatest enemy in our country is not a terrorist or even a crazed mentally ill person but instead our government in particular the republican party but the democrats have a share in what has and is being done.

Our infrastructure is crumbling and at the same time our corporations are posting highest ever profits and its been reported that at least 2 trillion dollars are offshored by the richest corporations. Billions is allocated for defense and yet the lower levels of the military qualify for food stamps and veterans are homeless on the streets and the recent bill put forth would have the military being charged for the GI bill. Healthcare for the poor- education for our children- needed employees for the government agencies that are to ensure our food, medicines and environment are all being gutted and in some places eliminated and yet we are the worlds wealthiest country. In fact 50 of the worlds wealthiest 85 people live in our country.
Our life expectancy was downgraded again this year as were maternal and infant deaths.

The only way this will change is when the 99% of Americans realize that its not only okay but necessary for our lives to once more tax the corporations and the wealthiest few as they were in the 50s and 60s. Will that happen? I am not sure that it will since we have some very brainwashed people in our country that actually believe that corporations and richest few shouldn’t be required to pay progressive high end taxation.

Like any other 3rd world country , poverty is a death sentence carried out by the government owned by the rich. We have the power to change this……


Watching what is happening not only here in our country but in the world it really seems that we are truly doomed to never learn from history and continue to make the same mistakes leading to the same end results- either wars or depressions or both and although yes, those whose greed precipates this never ending cycle lose everything the real loser are the masses and our earth.

Imagine if instead the world actually learned history and learned how not to make the same mistakes? What if we the masses realized that we can change the outcome after all we are 99% of the worlds population and we truly do hold the real power of numbers. They say only 88 people hold over 60% of the worlds wealth and that number may be even higher now- think of it- there are over 7 billion people in our world and only 88 people hold that much wealth and 50 of those reside in our country.

Yet too much of our world lives in abject poverty and 3rd world conditions and it seems our country is intent on giving us 3rd world conditions. My question is why do we allow it? Why do we stand by all through history and not take action before it reaches wars and depressions and revolutions? If you know history then you know all the scenerios that transpire like the the French revolution and the two world wars and the great depression to mention the last few times.

So why then do we as a civilization continue to refuse to learn from history………


If like myself you have been following what is happening in the world, then you are probably as frightened as I am. With an idiot in charge of the country who uses twitter as his foreign policy and dictators like those in N.Korea and Russia then you have the start of WW3. Russia has moved artillery and misiles to the border of N.Korea and
china has also moved ships in behind the American ships and of course we have the lunatic in N. Korea who is quite eager to start a war and of course the
idiot in charge of our country is quite happy to also start a war.
Then we have faux news ready to sound the drums of war. At the same time in Turkey they are voting to give their own dictator more powers and of course their is the philliphines with their own elected idiot.

Will it come to war- I so hope not, but looking at history and watching what is happening all over the world, then the stage is certainly being set for a world war and if that happens then it has the possibility to end our civilization as the nuclear weapons will surely be used and/or EMP strikes which would shut down our whole grid including our internet and cell phones- basicly sending us back in time.

If we had a normal president and a normal congress then there would not be a chance of this happening, but nothing is normal in our country or the world.

What can we the people do about this- not really sure but we do need to be informed and prepared. Best solution would be for this whole administration and those in congress who are in collusion with the treasonous actions to be removed from office and hold a new election. Of course that would be a normal outcome and there is nothing normal about our government or for that fact our country with the trump cult followers ready to follow their ‘lord’ no matter what and a corporate owned media who salivates at the prospect of war-

I do believe though that there is still time to stop this- anyway I hope so. I have 13 grandchildren who I want to have a future and one that does not include wars.


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