Its sad that there is any question concerning the changes in our climate and how that affects our weather. Yet those in congress that should be intelligent and able to see what any sane person sees, are instead cutting the budget for anything to do with research and ways to deal with the coming chaos of unstable weather.

What has just happened in Texas is just the start and what is scary is that it is not the worst to expect.  Interesting to note that the biggest climate deniers in congress come from states like Texas and Florida and the midwest states like Oklahoma and Arkansas and Kansas. I should have also added the SE coast states like N and S Carolina and Virginia in that list. All these states are in danger from the extreme storms and for storm surge and rising ocean levels for those on the coast lines and yet their senators and congressmen are adamant that there is no climate change and that humanity has played any role in what is happening. They are though very fast to ask for federal assistance when storms such as the one that just hit Texas happened.

Congress has cut the budget for climate change research in the defense budget, the nasa budget and for each of the states listed their state governments have also cut any budget for handling the climate changes. A few states like Wisconsin and Florida have also outlawed even referring to climate change. Wow- when did our country become so full of ignorant and arrogant politicians?

FEMA has said that they are going to insist that all states come up with plans on how to combat the changes expected if they expect help in the future of course the budget for FEMA has been cut- The pentagon has stated that one of the biggest threats to our security is the coming changes from climate change and yet the budget for research  has been cut-

They have also cut the budgets that would give us better warnings on hurricanes and tornadoes because- you know- thats right – there is no climate change. What does that mean for our country? Its rather scary and sad at the same time. When Miami is under 3 ft of water and coastlines all up the Atlantic are eroded and people are left homeless, will they pay attention then once its too late?

We also are going to experience a super El Nino in the pacific and that means stronger typhoons and hurricanes in the lower Pacific Ocean.

I was just reading that the conditions in our ocean have not been seen for 3 million years. The rate of permafrost that is melting in the Arctic and Siberia has increased and that means increased releases of methane into our atmosphere. How is our country dealing with this? They gave permission to Shell to drill in the Arctic and open up offshore drilling in the Atlantic. Several states have passed laws that will not allow banning of fracking- Oklahoma and Texas are two. Coal extraction has been given the go ahead to increase their extraction. In a few states they are taxing a special tax on solar and wind.

We passed the tipping point of being able to mitigate the coming changes and when we should be doing everything in our power to combat what is coming, instead our government is doing even more of what is wrong. Why? Do they have some new planet they can move to? We humans can not live without clean water to drink, clean air to breath and good soil to grow our food.

What then are we as people to do to enact the changes needed? Sure, I recycle and try to buy responsible and use as little energy as possible- I sign petitions and email those in congress and in my own state-but that isn’t going to be enough. I want my grandchildren to be able to have grandchildren and to have an earth that will sustain human life. That sometimes seems like an impossible dream and that is heartbreaking.

It will take a committed effort by all the countries on our earth if we are to survive.