Today I was reading again about the horrid storm that has hit the NE and so glad that I don’t live there.  The next thought was to wonder about all the homeless in those areas and how they will survive. Its shameful that I have to even think about that. In our country the mindset is that if you ignore the poor and homeless, then somehow they don’t exist.

There are thousands in our country now that are the unseen homeless, those lucky enough to have a vehicle to sleep in or a friend/family member that will allow them to sleep on their couch or the floor. DHS even has a word for it-couch surfing Then there are those that lurk under bridges or in alleyways to escape notice, or those that we see on a daily basis, with their signs and their pleas. I give when I can and when I am out and about. That begs the question- what happens to all these poor homeless people when weather like this hits? You know the shelters are full and they are woefully smaller than needed.

I was reading an article about a man using empty shipping containers that are outfitted with all the basics of a studio apartment and then they have stacked them on the acre next to the YWCA. There is also a few towns that are tackling the problems with those that are homeless that involve either apartments or houses- but that is just a drop in the bucket, compared to how many are homeless in our country.

They say now that over 50 million Americans are now either near-at- or below the poverty line. That is a disgrace to our country and should shame our government leaders- but it won’t. They already plan to cut even more from the SNAP program and this right after letting the unemployment needed by millions in our country,expire. Happy new year-

I wish there was some good solution, but there are many things that can be done-1. raise min wage to the min needed to be able to meet basic needs- raise SS benefits to raise the lowest paying above poverty level- use all the bank owned properties that are sitting empty and use them for section 8 housing and the list goes on-

Yet, our government does none of this and the people are too poor to do it themselves- so please say a small prayer-or thought- for the homeless in the frozen NE and hope that they are able to find shelter from the cold.

Peace and may love-joy and harmony surround you



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